Tips on writing the Acknowledgments section

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Tips on writing the Acknowledgments section

The Acknowledgments section of a research paper is perhaps the easiest to write. After all, you know who has helped you and how, and it should be simple enough to mention these people by their names. However, even this simple exercise can prove difficult at times. Below are some helpful tips:

Consult the instructions to authors. Many medical journals, for instance, require the written consent of all those who are mentioned in the acknowledgments section.

Specify the nature of help extended to you. In acknowledging help, say the precise form it took, as in "I wish to thank XYZ for advice on experimental design" or "We wish to thank the timely help given by ABC in analyzing the large number of samples."

Comply with the requirement of the funding agency, if any. Some funding agencies specify the exact wording the acknowledgment should take; if so, follow the wording faithfully. If not, a simple statement such as "Funding from the ABC Foundation is gratefully acknowledged" is adequate.

Check whether the target journal includes Mr/Ms/Dr before names. Although it is customary to use "Dr" before a name, "Mr" and "Ms" are often omitted. In acknowledging professors, their affiliation is usually supplied as in "The authors wish to acknowledge Dr ABC, Professor of -, University of -, for her help in interpreting the significance of the results of this study."

Lastly, remember that Acknowledgements (with the e) is the British spelling.

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Published on: Jun 16, 2014

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