Q: How can I come up with a research problem, research objectives, and research hypothesis?

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My research topic is on HIV and AIDS. How to come up with a research problem and research objectives and how to develop a research hypothesis?

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It is not possible for me to give inputs specific to your research. However, I can help you understand what each of these terms means and how you can write them.

  • Research objectives summarize what a researcher wishes to achieve through the project and provides direction to the study. The research objectives should be clear and specific and provide direction to the study. Basically, they should lay down the steps, that is, the specific or direct actions that you will take to achieve your study goals. 
  • A research problem is a broad issue that you would like to address through your research. It identifies a difficulty, doubt, or an area of concern, in theory or in practice, that requires thought and investigation. It is an anomaly, a limitation, or a troubling question in real life or in theory that needs to be addressed.
  • A hypothesis is a concept or idea that is tested through research and experiments. It is developed before the data is collected based on the existing body of knowledge in a particular area of study. Data is then collected, analyzed, and used to support or negate the hypothesis, arriving at a definite conclusion at the end of the research. Thus basically, you make a prediction about the outcome at the start of the study and conduct experiments to test whether this prediction is true and to what extent. 

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