Using Good Publication Practice (GPP3) for publishing research

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Using Good Publication Practice (GPP3) for publishing research

Good Publication Practice (GPP) was the first guideline that provided details about how pharmaceutical companies should approach publications and about investigators' relationships to companies funding research. It was also the first guideline to provide detailed guidance on the role of professional medical writers. Since it was first published in 2003, it has been updated in 2010 (to give GPP2) and has now been completely revised and updated.

GPP3 is published in September 2015. In an Editage lecture conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Wager, she explained the principles behind GPP that apply to publishing all types of research, and outline developments that pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals working with them need to be aware of. GPP has been endorsed by many journals and editors' organizations, so understanding these guidelines can help meet the standards required by many international journals. The workshop also described related guidelines, such as ICMJE and CONSORT, which are essential for getting clinical research published in prestigious journals.

You can download the workshop slide deck here:


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Published on: Oct 01, 2015


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