Q: What does it mean if the status has been 'Awaiting EIC Decision' for the past 20 days?

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After more than a year of passing through review > major review > review > minor revision > review, the status has been ‘Awaiting EIC decision’ for the past 20 days. Does this indicate rejection?

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We can hear you. Your manuscript has gone through the rigmarole and the wringer, and you’re now worried over it being stuck at the desk of the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) for close to three weeks. However, we believe you have reason to hope. Your manuscript has been gradually moving up or closer, based solely on the way it’s been progressing.

To answer your specific query, ever since the pandemic, we have noticed manuscripts spending longer at the EIC decision stage. This could be because EICs have turned busier since then (perhaps due to all the changes and challenges induced by the ‘new normal’) or because they wish to be more judicious/careful about the research they are putting out in the wake of the pandemic (especially if it’s pandemic-related). We believe you should hear from them soon. In case you don’t, you may send them a mail seeking an update.

For more insights on the EIC decision-making stage, you may find the following resources helpful.

Hope that helps. Good luck with the next and hopefully final stage! Fingers crossed!