Q: What if a journal previously indexed in SCI-E is delisted in the current year?

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When I sent my manuscript for publication in 2015 to a journal, it was indexed in Science Citation Indexed Expanded (SCI-E), and the manuscript is still under review. But in 2016 indexing, the journal is not indexed in SCI-E any more. Now how will my manuscript be taken by my university, if it is considered to be in SCI-E at the time I sent manuscript, I checked it was in SCI-E. Please help.

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As per the Thomson Reuters journal selection process, "Journal evaluation is ongoing with journals added to and deleted from the Web of Science Core Collection throughout the year....Moreover, existing journal coverage in Web of Science Core Collection is constantly under review. Journals now covered are monitored to ensure that they are maintaining high standards and a clear relevance to the products in which they are covered." Thus, it is quite natural that some journals may be delisted from the index if they cannot maintain their standards. Ideally, the university should understand this. However, it would be good if you could have a copy of the 2015 indexing in which your journal was listed and save it as evidence in case you are questioned by your university at any point of time. Moreover, in your CV or publication list or wherever you have to mention the journal name, you can add "indexed in SCIE 2015" in brackets. 

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