Q: What is the last paragraph in a rationale?

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Actually, the rationale (also known as the justification) of a study is itself about a paragraph long. The preceding paragraphs, in reality, are to do with the background, which provides the context for the study and also references relevant studies in the field or topic. So, in a way, the entire background is the rationale for the study. :-)

This means that the actual rationale section or paragraph has to talk very explicitly about why the study is being conducted and why it is necessary. So, while the background may do this at a high level, the rationale has to provide the specifics. If needed, you could also present this in a bulleted list (in case there are multiple reasons why you believe the study is necessary) and provide a one-line summary at the end (of the rationale) to underline the need for the study.

It may help to look up actual papers in your field or topic to understand how they have explained the rationale for their studies. For now, for more information on writing the rationale, you may refer to the following resources:

Hope that helps. All the best for your study!