Q: What is the meaning of a status change from Under Review to Editor Assigned for a revised manuscript?

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I received a major revision decision for my manuscript. I revised it as per the comments and resubmitted it on January 20. The status immediately changed to Under Review. However, on March 29, it changed to Editor Assigned. Can you please tell me why the status changed like this?

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This is a bit unusual, but here’s what it probably means. As it was a major revision, the Associate Editor (AE) would have sent the revised manuscript back to the reviewers, sometime after you re-submitted, say, January end. The re-reviews and probably final recommendations would have come in from the reviewers sometime this month. Which is when the status changed to Editor Assigned.

In this case, it possibly means that the AE now has to make the final decision based on the reviewers’ recommendations. Once they make their decision, they will inform the Editor-in-Chief (EIC), who will be responsible for the final decision, through what is known as the Decision in Process stage. You can keep a lookout for the next change – that will inform you on the fate of your manuscript. So, good luck with that!

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