Q: What is theoretical framework in thesis or dissertation writing?

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How relevant is it in thesis/dissertation in the humanities?

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The theoretical framework is a structure that supports the theory that explains why the research problem you are studying exists. It encompasses concepts, definitions, existing theories, and other literature that you have referred to in your study. The theoretical framework demonstrates your understanding of the concepts related to the research paper and the broader topic. Stating clearly the theoretical assumptions used in the study helps the readers evaluate them clearly and provides a basis for choosing your research hypothesis and the research methods.

‘Humanities’ covers a vast list of disciplines from literature and philosophy to law and politics. Irrespective of the discipline, your dissertation must have a strong foundation for the theory you have based your study on. You can refer to articles published in the humanities journals to better understand how a theoretical framework forms the foundation for evaluating the research problem and the research question in a paper.

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