Q: What is the meaning of research statement?

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A research statement is usually a requirement for an academic job application and includes a summary of the applicant's research accomplishments, the current state of the applicant's research work, and a proposal for future research. This is usually a short document of around 1-2 pages and is the primary way for the hiring committee to evaluate whether a candidate's research experience and interests are a good fit for the position.

However, the research statement should not be a mere narration or detailing of your past and present research endeavors. Rather, it should make a persuasive case about the importance of your past experience and reveal your passion about the future direction that you plan to take.  This can be done by including a few specific examples that showcase the success and significance of your work. For instance, focus on tangible solutions that you have found to the research questions you were trying to answer. Additionally, explain the impact of these solutions on the broader field of study. Mention publications, conference presentations, or other professional involvement that are indicative of your success. The research statement should show how passionate you are about your project.