Q: What should my affiliation be if I changed my workplace during a manuscript submission?

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During a manuscript submission, I was transferred to another workplace and my affiliation changed accordingly. Should I change my affiliation on my manuscript to the new one, or should I keep it as it was? And if I was relocated to the new workplace BEFORE the manuscript submission, should I use the new affiliation?

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Since your research was conducted using the resources of the previous workplace, you should use the name of your this institution in the author affiliations as this institute made the primary contribution to your research. You should also mention the same institution in the Materials and Methods section of your paper and as the sponsor of your work.

However, since you are no longer with your old workplace, you should also add the name of your current workplace so that readers can contact you if they have questions. You should add your current institution in the correspondence address section. You can also consider including two affiliations, with the old workplace marked as "sponsor" and your new workplace as "present affiliation."

The same rule applies even if you have moved to your workplace before submission. If you have worked on the paper even after you moved to your new institution, you can consider adding a few sentences about the contribution of the current workplace in the Acknowledgments section.

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