Q: Where should I submit my paper if it lacks novelty but has good performance metrics?

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I want to submit my paper to a non-open access journal which has a comparatively fast review time. My paper lacks novelty, but the performance metrics is good. So where should I submit the paper?

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While novelty is important, it is not the main criterion for good research. Since the metrics outcome of your experiments is good, your findings should be valuable. I would suggest that you first shortlist a few non-OA target journals in your field. Visit the websites of these journals and find out the turnaround time and the peer review time for each journal. Select two or three journals that have a comparatively shorter peer review time and send out pre-submission inquiries to the editor of each, briefly explaining your research and asking if they would be interested in publishing such a study.

Most editors encourage authors to send in pre-submission inquiries as it ensures that neither the journal's nor the author's time is wasted. If an editor sees value in your study, he/she will definitely get back to you.

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