Q: Which mathematics journals indexed in Scopus or Clarivate have a quick review?

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I am interested to know if there are Mathematics journals with fast review and publication time, indexed in Scopus or Clarivate Analytics?

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The review time of a journal generally depends on several factors like availability and promptness of the peer reviewers, the focus of the upcoming issues, etc. Most journals provide the average review/decision time on their website while the publication time essentially depends on the quality of the manuscript and the peer review process. If the quality of a manuscript is good, the number of issues published per year likely influences the review and publication time.

The number of mathematics journals with high publication frequency (12 or more per year) is relatively less than the journals in biomedical sciences. Nevertheless, there are several journals like Applied Mathematical Modelling (12 issues per year, Average time for first decision 9 weeks), Applied Mathematics Letters (12 issues per year, Average time for first decision 1.3 weeks), Duke Mathematical Journal (18 issues per year) which have relatively high publication frequency and short to average review time. These journals are indexed in Clarivate Analytics and Scopus database.

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