Q: Will it be problematic to submit my abstract to a journal after submitting it to an international conference?

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I submitted my abstract to an international conference, which later issued an abstract collection. I am not sure whether my abstract will be searchable online. Will it be problematic to submit my abstract to a journal?

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It is quite common for researchers to submit their work to a conference as well as a journal. It is always a good idea to present your research at a conference first. This can help you gain valuable feedback from peers in the field. You can use their feedback to enhance your manuscript before you submit it to a journal. But you must keep in mind that a paper presented at a conference contains only the preliminary research. The paper that you submit to a journal must contain at least 30% original content which has not been presented at the conference.

Since your abstract has already been published in the conference proccedings, it would not be advisable to send the same abstract for the journal submission. Reword the abstract and add a few other points based on the new content that you have added to your journal paper. Additionally, make sure you change the title slightly so that readers do not get confused between the conference abstract and the journal paper. Also, as a best practice, be transparent and inform the journal editor about the conference abstract at the time of submission.

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