Q: Will my paper no longer be SCI-indexed if the journal has been delisted from SCI?

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I published an article in February this year. But the journal was removed from the SCI in June, so can my article be retrieved by the SCI? Thank you!

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Science Citation Index (SCI) is a journal indexing database. Thus, articles published in journals that are a part of SCI would be a part of the database only as long as the journal is listed in it. Once the journal is delisted from the database, all the articles published in various issues of the journal are also automatically removed. However, since your paper was a part of the journal when it was listed in SCI, it would be a good idea to save a copy of the 2018 indexing in which your journal was listed and mention your article as "indexed in SCI 2018."

Additionally,  being delisted does not mean that the journal can never be a part of SCI again. Journals are delisted from the SCI database if they do not meet all the expected criteria. However, if they improve their standards and meet the criteria next year, they might be indexed once again. 

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