Q: Would it be considered duplicate submission when the status is “Decision Made” and “Waiting for Revision”?

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My manuscript was not accepted by a journal, and they suggested me to resubmit it as a Letter. However, I replied that I wanted to submit to another journal, since I was aiming to publish my work as an original article. There was no response to my reply. Later date when I checked the status of my manuscript in the journal, it showed “Decision Made” and “Waiting for Revision”. Is it acceptable to submit my manuscript to next journal with this status at the previous journal?

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Dear Author,

I would advise that you follow up with the journal about the status of your manuscript, because it looks like it is still under processing in their system. I would say that the 'decision made' is the decision that they would like you to resubmit as a Letter and 'waiting for revision' indicates that they are awaiting the Letter version. So, they don't seem to be moving forward with the version you submitted. However, just to be safe, I would recommend getting a clarification from the journal editorial board to confirm that they're not processing the manuscript. Alternatively, please check if you yourself can cancel the manuscript submission request through the submission system on the journal website.