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Even if you don't intend to plagiarize, you may accidentally stumble into the trap of plagiarism. This is called Accidental Plagiarism. And it could happen to you if you…
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Language is an area researchers often struggle with when writing a research paper. This video shares four must-do’s of research writing.
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Non-native speakers of English often find it very difficult to paraphrase or summarize English text using their own words. This is one reason why many non-English…
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John McDonald, experienced trainer at Editage, lists the most common manuscript writing mistakes and tells you how you can fix them.
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In the first part of this video John McDonald, experienced trainer at Editage, listed three common number-related errors authors commonly make when writing their…
The Chicago Manual of Style is commonly used by authors writing academic manuscripts as it contains detailed guidelines on various aspects of writing as well as language…
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Research question is the foundation of any research paper and it ought to be good. Lindsay, a  doctorate in Medical microbiology and infectious disease is here with her…
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