Partnering with Publishers, Journals, Academic Societies And Universities

We partner with publishers, journals, societies and universities to help them expand their relationship with their authors and to achieve their publication goals.

Partnership options

We develop high-quality, customized solutions that complement our partners’ current, in-house systems to help them achieve efficiencies of process and scale. We provide different partnership options with a range of benefits.

Editage Collaborate

Specialize configurable workflow system to take charge of the publication’s needs of your labs or university.
Discounted pricing, Realtime dashboard,Splitting an invoice with a university and author

Co-branded Integration

We will set up a webpage or web application which will be maintained and serviced by our professional team under a strategic alliance between Editage & partnering brand.
Customized pricing,Realtime dashboard,Highest security standard

White-label Integration

We build and maintain a customized author service portal that will be serving your author’s publishing needs under your branding.
Customized pricing,Realtime dashboard,Highest security standard

Custom Integration

Our publication experts, client servicing professionals, and technology team will collaborate to find the most efficient and customized solution to integrate your workflow with that of Editage.

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Why you should partner with us?

We share the common goal of journals, publishers, and academic societies—the dissemination of the highest-quality scholarly and scientific information possible.
Why you should partner with us?

Strong customer focus

We maintain a “Customer First” culture and deliver on client expectations, no matter the size of the project.

Author experience

More than 165,000 authors have trusted Editage to help them overcome the challenges of scholarly publication.

Ability to scale

We manage high-volume workflows efficiently through a large and growing editing team and with a robust technological infrastructure.


Our editorial team comprises of 2000+ professional native English editors with publication and peer-review experience.

Market presence

Editage has established a local presence in the U.S., Japan, India, South Korea, Brazil, and China.

Trusted & endorsed by industry
experts & partners

40+ Journals & Publishers

500+ Universities

1100+ Societies

Premium offerings with our partnership service

Since 2002, we have been a trusted adviser to the academic and publishing communities worldwide, by helping them achieve their publication objectives through specialized English-language editing and publication support services.

  • Author Editorial
  • Journal support service
  • Education Service

English Editing & Formatting

Our primary editing services address specific focus areas such as poor language or structure that could result in journal rejection. Both services include a complete language, grammar, and formatting check.

Academic Translation

We offer translation solutions to non-English speaking authors who choose to write in their native language but seek to publish in an English-language journal.

Alternative-Text Writing

To meet the challenge of providing accessibility of academic and specifically STM textbooks to sight-impaired readers, Editage offers professional alt-text or alt-tag writing services to publishers.

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Meet our amazing partnership team

  • Abhishek GoelCEO & Co-founder
  • Donald SamulackPresident, US Operations
  • Ashutosh GhildiyalDirector, Global Sales and Partnerships
  • Makoto YuasaVP, Academic and Publisher Relations
  • Basil D’souzaRepresentative Director, CACTUS
  • Nikesh GosaliaDirector, Academic and Publisher Relations
  • Pablo PalmeiroDirector, Publisher Partnerships
  • Abhishek co-founded CACTUS to bridge the science communication gap between the East and the West. He established Editage, CACTUS’s flagship brand, to help researchers overcome the barriers of language and reach, and get published. After establishing CACTUS’s first international office in Japan, he spearheaded the organization’s growth in Asia, North America, and Europe. Abhishek believes that the natural conclusion of research is making the world a better place. He has led several initiatives to democratize science and make knowledge accessible to all who seek it. He has conceptualized and overseen the development of R (, an ecosystem that simplifies the life of researchers through an array of solutions. In 2020, he supervised the design of a comprehensive AI-powered platform to help researchers across disciplines in their fight against COVID-19. Abhishek is a strong advocate of improving customer experience, and this is reflected in CACTUS’s work culture and customer-friendly policies. He is committed to helping authors meet their research and publication goals, which is the primary goal of Editage.
    Abhishek GoelCEO & Co-founder

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