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Hi, I have submitted my manuscript to APL on 19th July. The present status is first review received and invitation sent for additional review.

Reviewers decline review invitations for various reasons. In most cases, they are either too busy with their work or they have already taken up other reviews. Since this is typically holiday season, many reviewers could be on leave. Another possible reason for declining a review could be if the... Read More

Thank you very much for beautifully explaining various steps in the editorial review process. I need some information about plagiarism. What is the acceptable range of plagiarism content?

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Here are the answers to your questions: Ideally, journals should have zero tolerance for intentionally plagiarized content. However, that said, journal editors know that some similarity with existing literature is sometimes unavoidable, especially for non-native speakers of English, who find it... Read More

I submitted a paper to a science journal and 3 months later I got result which requires 'Major Revision'.

Generally, a revised manuscript is sent to the same reviewers who reviewed it earlier. So the review of a revised manuscript should ideally not take too long, as the reviewers are already familiar with the paper. Since the status for your revised submission has beein showing “Awaiting reviewer... Read More