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Ask Dr. Eddy

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Dr. Eddy, who represents the collective knowledge and expertise of Editage’s team of publication experts, guides authors through the publication process and answers questions related to publishing, new trends in the industry, ethics, and beyond. Send in your question to Dr. Eddy now.


Dear Dr. Eddy, My article was submitted to a journal last year and has undergone three rounds of reviews.

You have mentioned that the new editor said it would be "fine" if it was a minor revision. What exactly do you mean by that? Did the editor say that it would be considered as a revised submission? If he did not clearly mention this, you should clarify with him. Since you had written the last email... Read More

I submitted a manuscript and received comments from three reviewers. One of them recommended publication after addressing minor issues.

It seems that the editor is not willing to consider your revised manuscript as a new submission. That is why it has been rejected. Whatever decision is to be taken will be based on the original submission along with your responses. I think you will have to wait for the editor's email. As long as... Read More

My paper has been showing the status "Under Review" for more than 120 days. Is this normal?

Peer review is generally the most time-taking part of the journal decision making process, and it usually takes anywhere between 2-4 months on an average. In fact, in certain fields, it can take even longer. However, I would recommend that you send an email to the editor asking by when you can... Read More


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