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Dr. Eddy, who represents the collective knowledge and expertise of Editage’s team of publication experts, guides authors through the publication process and answers questions related to publishing, new trends in the industry, ethics, and beyond. Send in your question to Dr. Eddy now.


I submitted a paper to a Springer journal about 2 months ago. Since 10 days, the online tracking system has been showing "reviewers assigned" as the current status.

Status descriptions vary across journals, so it is difficult to know whether your journal has an “under review” status at all. Some journals use the term “reviewers assigned” to mean that the paper is under review at present. If that is the case, it might take anywhere between a few weeks to... Read More

I submitted my paper to RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health) journal (let’s call this journal A) last Dec.

What you have done is unethical and if the paper is published, it might be retracted on grounds of duplicate submission. I think you should try to withdraw the paper from Journal A immediately. Even this will not solve the problem completely, since the submission dates will reveal that the paper... Read More

Hi Dr. Eddy, I submitted my paper to Springer journal more than a month ago.

Even within Springer publications, the process flow may vary slightly depending on the journal. It is possible that this journal sends out invitations to the editor as soon as a manuscript is submitted, and an admin person conducts the manuscript screening while waiting for the editor to accept the... Read More


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