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The website of my target journal mentions “first decision” and “final decision.” What is the difference between these two?

Often, the decision taken by a journal on the manuscript in its original form, that is, before it is revised, is referred to as the "first decision." The first decision could either be a rejection without peer review or a request to revise and resubmit after peer review. An acceptance at this stage... Read More

My previous institution (org A) where I had conducted my research is currently about to shut down.

Since your research was conducted using the resources of Org A, you should use the name of Org A in the author affiliations as this institute made the primary contribution to your research. You should also mention Org A in the Materials and Methods section of your paper. However, since you are no... Read More

I have just initiated my research on the Oral Insulin Delivery Technology.

Under Career Advancement | 137 Views | 0 Comments
Researchers have a tendency to form close knit communities with other researchers working in the same field. Connecting with other researchers in the community can help increase your visibility and help you forge ties that may lead to collaboration in the future. Social media is a good place to... Read More


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