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Hi, I am a Ph.D. scholar. I want to know about Turnitin plagiarism similarity report. Please can you guide me, I checked my manuscript's plagiarism online from different paid websites.

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Journal editors do not rely completely on plagiarism detection software. They understand the limitations of these tools and in most cases do not reject a manuscript outright based only on the results of the plagiarism detection software unless the percentage of plagiarized content is very high, at... Read More

Hello. I submitted a paper to an open access journal.

I noticed that you have use the word "retraction letter" in your question. However, you have used the word incorrectly to mean a "confirmation of withdrawal." Be careful not to use the word "retraction letter" in your correspondence with the journal, as a retraction notice is public, and if the... Read More

I got this comment from the journal: "We note that this manuscript is a meta-analysis; our author guidelines therefore require that you use PRISMA guidance to help improve reporting quality of this

The PRISMA Statement is a document that consists of a 27-item checklist and a flow diagram and aims to guide authors on how to develop a systematic review protocol and what to include when writing the review. Anybody writing a systematic review or meta-analysis needs to fill the PRISMA chceklist... Read More


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