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My article is always rejected by the Editor-in-Chief before sending to the reviewers for review. The Editors do not give anyclear reasons for rejection, apart from pointing out.

If this has happened multiple times, there might be some major issues with the quality of your paper. Why don't you share this with your supervisor and take his/her advice?Alternatively, you could take the help of some professional peer review service. This will help you identify if there are any... Read More

Hi, I always find it difficult to choose which previous research papers should be cited.

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First of all, you should read your target journal's author instructions to find out if there are any specifications about the number and nature of citations. Some journals specify the maximum number of references, and this usually varies depending on the article type. For example, reviews and... Read More

I sent my paper to International Journal of Oncology.

Your question is not very clear. Has your paper gone through peer review at Oncology Letters? Have you received a letter from the editor stating that your paper has been accepted for publication? If you have received such an email or letter, then I would suggest that you wait. The journal is a... Read More


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