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Dr. Eddy, who represents the collective knowledge and expertise of Editage’s team of publication experts, guides authors through the publication process and answers questions related to publishing, new trends in the industry, ethics, and beyond. Send in your question to Dr. Eddy now.


Dr. Eddy, My article has been accepted by an Elsevier journal. While proofing, what is the minimum number of comments (with tables and graphs) that should be included? Thank you so much

I don't think there is any specification about the minimum or maximum number of comments can be included during proofing. If you see errors, you will need to correct them. You should go through the entire article carefully and look out for errors that the copyediting team may have missed. also look... Read More

Dear Sir Eddy, I submitted two research papers in two peer reviewed journals.

I think the chances of your paper getting published are quite high for the first manuscript. However, for the second manuscript, there is no clarity. The journal has just mentioned the duration that the peer review will take. It is probably their policy to inform authors of the waiting time, and... Read More

I have been asked to compare my research with previous findings of relevant local, regional, and international studies.

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It is a good thing that your research idea is original and no one has actually applied it before. In fact, you should be glad that your research is so novel. However, you need to conduct a literature search once again using different combinations of keywords to make sure that there is actually no... Read More


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