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I found a mistake in one of the tables/figures in my paper after it was published online.

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Generally, it is easier to make corrections in the online version of a paper than in the print version. No further corrections for the print issue are accepted once the author has sent the corrected page proofs. However, it might be possible for the correction to be made in the online version. You... Read More

Thanks for your support in advance. I am about to submit my paper and I have a question on journal guidelines.

If it is clearly mentioned that tables and figures should be separated from the main text, you should do so. Most journals these days ask for tables and figures to be uploaded as a separate file. The “indication of figures and tables” section should just contain the a list mentioning the tables and... Read More

Can I publish my patent about architecture building in any architecture related journal? If my contents are good, what will be beneficial for me?

Patent rules are country specific. In the US, publicly using or selling an invention more than 1 year prior to filing a patent application completely bars you from ever winning a patent on that invention, but in Europe, there is no 1-year grace period; you are barred from getting your invention... Read More



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