Reasons why a manuscript may get rejected

If you’ve ever been rejected by your target journal, don’t panic; you’re not the only one. With an increasing number of manuscript submissions every year, it’s only obvious that quite a few manuscripts would join the reject pile. However, what becomes really important here is to also examine what you may be doing wrong. The don’ts of preparing your manuscript are just as important as the do’s. The following is a list of a few situations which may lead to manuscript rejection.

  • The manuscript type may not be accepted by the journal (for instance…they may not accept case studies). Alternatively, the topic or content may not be of interest to the journal’s readership. The remedy for this, of course is, to choose journals suitable for your research content. At Editage our Manuscript Editing services include recommendations from our editors that will help develop an understanding of various existing journals and aid you in the process of journal selection.
  • Poor organization and repetitive description without any insightful interpretation of findings. A poorly formulated research question can eliminate chances of selection before the reviewer even goes through the entire manuscript.
  • Ethical violations in primary research and experiments.
  • The content does not entirely match the title or the hypothesis. It drifts away from the original purpose.
  • Your research is purely descriptive/essay type, random and without any hypotheses or conclusion or sufficient literature review.
  • There’s nothing new to offer. The results are unoriginal, predictable, or trivial. One of America’s leading newspapers, the New York Times, recognized the truth that “journal editors typically prefer to publish ground-breaking new research.”
  • Methodical weaknesses or/and an unsuitable sample. Use of methods that have become obsolete because of new technologies or techniques.

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