Editage launches Statistical Analysis and Review Services

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~With over 3000+ technical experts and statisticians, this new service is set to help researchers decode data into knowledge and help enhance research~

Editage, the flagship brand of CACTUS, has launched Statistical Analysis and Review Service for the researcher and academia community. This service will provide expert statisticians to extract crucial information from complex quantitative data, draw inferences, and discover hidden patterns using the right statistical tools and methods– helping authors increase the chances of journal acceptance and reduce their decision-making time. With 3,000+ technical experts and statisticians across 1,600 subject areas, Editage will provide customized one-on-one consultations, expert feedback, recommendations, and robust data analysis to researchers.

Abhishek Goel, CEO, and co-founder, CACTUS said, “Conducting in-depth analysis is a specialized skill that consumes a lot of time and effort. Through the Statistical Analysis and Review Service, our experts will offer researchers a convenient way to carry out statistical analysis and free up precious time to focus on other parts of their research.”

He further added, “Helping researchers maximize their output has always been one of CACTUS’ key agendas. Researchers and institutions can now be assured of a trusted partner conforming to international guidelines, data privacy and security standards, appropriateness of approach, and overall statistical robustness and reporting standards helping them in their journey.”

The Statistical Analysis and Review Service aims to solve four key challenges usually involved in carrying out statistical analysis- access to expertise, processing time, access to in-house facilities, and the cost of carrying out analyses. Services such as statistical design for grant proposals and research study designs, data preparation, and interpretation of results will be available for academic publishers, journals, societies, researchers, universities, institutes, and more.

To find out more about these services, please visit: https://www.editage.com/services/publishing-services-packs/statistical-analysis

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