Infographic: 3 Techniques to avoid plagiarism in your research paper

3 Techniques to avoid plagiarism in your research paper

Through the course of your research project, it is possible that you might come across existing literature that has either reported a unique investigative technique, or described the structure of a compound, or effectively explained a process, or even developed a unparralelled theory. Although you may feel that you cannot improve on these existing descriptions, you cannot use parts of these previously published studies in your own paper verbatim. Presenting someone else's work as your own is known as plagiarism and it is considered a highly unethical practice.

So what if you want to cite another researcher's work in your own paper? Is there a way to incorportate previously published work into your own writing without being accused of plagiarism? This infographic briefly explains three techniques that you could employ to avoid plagiarism in your research paper.

Feel free to download a PDF version of this infographic and print it out as a handy reference. 

3 techniques to avoid plagiarism in your research paper


3 techniques to avoid plagiarism_0.pdf

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