Q: After submission of revised manuscript, how long will the final editorial decision take?

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We submitted a revised version of our manuscript to the IGI Global IJISMD Journal. The paper was peer-reviewed, and we were asked to incorporate minor/major revisions from the reviewers respectively. However, since then we did not receive any feedback from the journal editors. The IGI global submission platform indicated that my manuscript is in the following phase: Revision Received 11/4/2018 - In Progress! Please advise me if we should write an email to Editor about the current status of the manuscript?

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Generally, for major revisions, the revised manuscript is sent for another round of peer review. From your question description, it seems that you got a major revision from one reviewer and a minor revision from the second. I'm not sure if, under the circumstances, your manuscript will be sent for peer review once again. However, if it does undergo another round of peer review, it can take several weeks for the final decision. From the status you have mentioned, it seems that your paper has not made any progress after submission. I think it would be a good idea to write to the editor for a status update and ask by when you can expect the final decision.

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