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"Altmetric came out of my experience as an author"

Editage Insights | Jun 10, 2016 | 7,103 views

Dr. Donald Samulack, US Operations, Editage, Cactus Communications, in conversation with Euan Adie, Founder and CEO of Altmetric

The first part of this interview series provides a basic introduction to Altmetric. Euan says that his own needs as a researcher and author led him to set up Altmetric. As a bioinformatics researcher, he realized that researchers in some fields are unable to publish papers in high-impact/well-known publications such as Nature or PNAS, simply because of the nature of their research output. He also understood that the impact factor is not the ultimate indicator of research quality. Altmetric fills this gap by providing alternative metrics to measure the impact of all types of research output made available on various platforms. Altmetric collects information about all platforms where an article is being discussed, used, or shared online and evaluates research impact accordingly.

Other vignettes in the series:


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