Q: Are papers on humanities and social sciences better preferred by SSCI?

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My paper is from the field of  humanities and social sciences. Does it necessarily mean that my paper should be submitted to SSCI? Are there any preferences for journal editors?

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The Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) is a citation index product of Clarivate Analytics and covers around 3000 academic journals across 50 disciplines in the field of social sciences. You cannot submit your paper directly to the SSCI database but you can submit it to a journal indexed in that database.

Journals indexed in the ISI Web of Science database (which includes SSCI) are described as the world’s leading journals and therefore publishing in such reputed journals is considered a big milestone in the research journey. Sometimes university guidelines also require researchers to publish in journals indexed in specific databases. Publishing in indexed journals can increase the visibility of your research paper and thus increase its readership. You can check your university’s guidelines and find out which indexing databases they prefer.

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The serial number that you have mentioned belongs to the Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR). The JETIR is an Indian open access, peer reviewed journal. It is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes research in the disciplines of Engineering, Science & Technology, Commerce, Arts, Medical Science, Life Sciences, Languages, Health Science, Social Science, and more. You can look up the journal’s website for more information about the journal.

Before you submit your paper, please find out more about the journal and submit your paper only once you are sure about the reliability of this journal.

You can log on to the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) portal and enter the number in the search bar to confirm this.

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