Manuscript Submission

Getting your work published in a peer-reviewed journal almost always involves revising your manuscript at least once. This article provides tips on revising your…
Tips for authors submitting a revised manuscript
Most journals require authors to submit a cover letter along with each manuscript submitted for publication. Unfortunately, few authors are aware of the actual impact…
10 Tips to write an effective cover letter for journal submission (Download - cover letter template)
Once a manuscript is submitted to a journal, it goes through an initial screening process which involves a preliminary review by the journal editor. At this stage, the…
Editorial decision-making: what are the possible outcomes for a manuscript?
Ethical research and publication practices are essential for honest scholarly and scientific research. Most journals today are keenly aware of this
Duplicate publications and simultaneous submissions
A paper has a greater chance of publication when it involves a full-scale study, rather than a fragment of a larger study. Read more to learn about the practice of …
The pitfalls of "salami slicing": Focus on quality and not quantity of publications
This post describes the features of a good cover letter. Read on for a simple checklist of dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind to write an effective…
Dos and don'ts for a great cover letter
Ethical declarations in research form an integral part during the submission process of a manuscript to a journal. During the submission process, there are several…
Ethical declarations that authors should provide at the journal submission stage
A conflict of interest arises whenever there is any potential bias that could affect a researcher’s work. Avoid post-publication headaches by disclosing all conflicts of…
Conflicts of interest
Is getting published in a journal one of your goals for this year? Publishing in journals is vital for researchers, but the path to publication can be arduous if you do…
A step-by-step guide to creating a journal publication schedule (Download - Publication schedule template)
What does conflict of interest mean? This article also explains why such conflicts arise and how they can be avoided.