Webinar: Ask Me Anything: How to communicate research visually

Ask Me Anything: How to communicate research visually

We have invited Fabricio Pamplona, neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Mind the Graph, for an Ask Me Anything session exclusively for the Editage Insights community. In this AMA session, you simply need to ask your questions related to research communiction and challenges that you face while presenting your data visually. Fabricio Pamplona, co-founder of Mind the Graph, will answer these questions and we'll publish them on Insights on December 19.

How you may join

  • Send us your questions via email on this ID insights@editage.com

  • Ask your query in the comment section, or 

  • Post your question on Twitter and tag us using @Editage

Why you must join

  • Comprehensible and visually appealing data can make you more visible to funders, institutions, and societies 

  • Powerful visuals help your research paper gain more citations (sometimes even up to 120%) 

  • Plain and clear presentation of data allows a wider audience to engage with your research and science, overall 

About the speaker 

To tell you more about Fabricio Pamplona, he is a neuroscientist and an entrepreneur. He has a Ph.D. in Psychopharmacology and experience as a Guest Researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry (Germany) and Researcher in D'Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR, Brazil). He holds over 2,500 citations in Google Scholar and has 10+ years of experience in small innovative businesses, with relevant experience in product design and innovation management. His idea behind creating Mind the Graph was helping researchers create interesting infographics from scratch, without the need of professional resources or design skills.