Webinar: [Podcast] Building sustainable peer review processes to foster research integrity: A conversation with Jigisha Patel

[Podcast] Building sustainable peer review processes to foster research integrity: A conversation with Jigisha Patel

Let’s begin Peer Review Week 2022 with an engaging conversation! Tune in to the very first podcast of Peer Review Week 2022, as Nikesh Gosalia, host of the All Things Scicomm podcast and Peer Review Week 2022 Co-Chair Jayashree Rajagopalan have a candid conversation about research integrity and peer review with Jigisha Patel (Independent Research Integrity Specialist).


In this Peer Review Week special episode of the All Things Scicomm podcast, Nikesh and Jayashree talk to Jigisha about:

  • Her experience as a research integrity specialist
  • Some of the most common challenges that make it difficult for us to ensure best and ethical research and publishing practices
  • How peer review is integral to fostering research integrity 
  • What journals, publishers, and other stakeholders can do to facilitate sustainable processes to maintain research integrity



Nikesh Gosalia (Podcast host)

Senior Vice President, Global Academic and Publisher Relations, Cactus Communications

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Nikesh Gosalia heads the strategic alliances division at Cactus Communications and closely works with societies, publishers, universities, and research institutes for Europe and the UK. Graduating with an engineering degree has helped him hone his analytical skills, allowing him to effectively manage large teams in the highly result-oriented financial industry. Nikesh is dedicated to bridging the gap between the East and the West when it comes to research and is passionate about open science and the quick and effective dissemination of science to all stakeholders. Driven by the desire to facilitate the easy consumption of complex science in favorable formats, Nikesh understands the logistics of scholarly publication and author support services. When not at work, Nikesh enjoys socializing with people, and has a deep interest in sports and politics.


Jigisha Patel

Independent Research Integrity Consultant, member of COPE, former journal editor,

Member, Steering Committee, Peer Review Week 2022

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Formerly a medical doctor, clinical researcher and medical journal editor, Jigisha is an independent research integrity specialist and founder of Jigisha Patel Research Integrity Limited. She led the first team dedicated to maintaining research integrity at BioMed Central and was head of programme management for the Springer Nature Research Integrity Group. She has extensive experience of managing a wide range of research integrity issues in publishing, including the investigation and management of complex cases such as peer review manipulation in paper mills. She now uses her experience to help journals and publishers to resolve complex cases of research misconduct and provides a variety of training for journal editors, publishers and institutions on research integrity, including a CDP-certified course on research integrity strategy. She is an independent elected member of COPE Council and Senior Associate Affiliate with Maverick Publishing Specialists.


Jayashree Rajagopalan

Author Community Lead, Cactus Communications

Co-Chair, Peer Review Week 2021 and 2022

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Jayashree Rajagopalan leads the author community at CACTUS. She also oversees R Voice, a community forum for researchers globally. Jayashree strongly believes in the power of community in academia and the need for facilitating multi-directional conversations among researchers and every other stakeholder involved in research and its communication. She focuses on ensuring R Voice functions as a safe space where researchers can have open conversations about the highs and lows of academic life, exchange shared experiences; give and get advice, support, and knowledge; and grow as academics and individuals in the process. Jayashree has been part of the Peer Review Week Steering Committee for several years and has been co-chairing Peer Review Week since the 2021 edition. When she isn't building a community, Jayashree is busy binge watching crime-based series, reading fantasy fiction, playing with her boisterous cats, or manifesting a post-pandemic world with no travel restrictions.


Watch this space for the link to this Peer Review Week special podcast on the All Things Scicomm channel.