Infographic: Busting common myths about COVID-19

Busting common myths about COVID-19

Editor’s note: This infographic was originally created  by Impact Science - the strategic communication and amplification brand of Cactus Communications - and has been republished here with permission. The original infogarphic is available here

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, doctors and scientists working on COVID-19 have been sharing tips about maintaining social distancing, caring for our mental and physical health, etc. There has also been a rise in contradictory and confusing information about how to stay safe and treat the virus-infected people. The Impact Science team took a step forward to uncover the facts behind a few myths. We went straight to the experts at one of the most credible authorities — the World Health Organization — to clear up the confusion behind the spread of COVID-19. We distilled these verified facts about the new coronavirus into this simple infographic.

Infographic - Busting myths about COVID-19

Feel free to download a copy for your reference.

Infographic_COVID-19 myths versus facts.pdf

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