Q: By when can I expect reviewer comments if the average review time for the journal is 75 days?

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I submitted my work to a journal, and it's under review for more than a month now. The journal's homepage says that the average period for review is 75 days. Does this also include the editorial review stage? Can I expect to get the reviewer comments within two months from now?

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As you have stated, the time mentioned on the journal website is an average time. This means that some manuscripts may require more time, while some may take less. Thus, it is not really possible to predict whether you will get the reviewer comments within 2 months. However, judging by the time mentioned on the website, I think it would be reasonable to send an inquiry to the journal if you don't receive the reviewer comments within that time.

Also, I'm not very sure whether this time includes the editorial screening stage as well. If it is clearly mentioned as the average "peer review time," then it would be excluding the editorial screening stage. However, if it mentions "review time," it might include editorial review as well. 

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