Q: Can I ask for the same reviewers when changing my target journal?

Detailed Question -

The journal I submitted to had rejected my manuscript. Now, I am planning to submit to a new journal.

In that case, can I request the same reviewers again as I did for the last journal I submitted to?

Should I change my reviewer preference each time I change the journal I submit to?


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Thank you for your question. You should be able to suggest the same peer reviewers to the next journal you plan to submit your paper to unless these reviewers actually reviewed your paper for the previous journal and recommended rejection. In case the previous journal used different reviewers, it is also advisable to understand the reason for this (availability and/or time constraints or any other reason) because your suggested reviewers may not then review your paper this time round either.

In general, you can use the Reviewer Recommender in Editorial Manager for Elsevier journals or the reviewer database of any journal to which you wish to submit to identify and select reviewers for your paper.