Q: Can I change grant ID in the acknowledgements section while revising my paper?

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Due to the point of time, my teacher want to change the funding project name in acknowledgement during minor revision stage. Will it affect the publication schedule? What if we add new project number instead of replacing it?

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It is definitely possible to change the grant name and ID in the acknowledgments section during minor revision. Changing the project number would mean that the study was funded by a totally different grant. Please ensure to specify this revision in your response letter to the journal. If there is a specific reason for this change, please also mention that.


It is possible to entirely add a new project name in this section as well. Please ensure to include all revisions that you make in the response letter so that there are no objections from the journal later. You might also need to change this information in the journal submission system. You can do this while resubmitting the revised manuscript. Ideally, this should not affect your publication schedule as it does not entail any specific processing or reviewer input. This revision will most probably be reviewed by the editor.


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