Q: Can I contact the journal editorial office to request a quick decision?

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I had submitted a revised manuscript (after two rounds of review and the decision being 'Major Revision' on both occasions) to a reputed journal in the field of Atmospheric Sciences, on 20th October 2017. The current status of the manuscript is 'Under Review'. Usually this journal takes more than 1.5 months to inform the author know about the editorial decision. But since this manuscript has already been through two major revisions, a lot of time has already passed. This paper is very important for my career progression and it would be really nice to know the journal's decision at the earliest. Even my PhD registration will be due in the next couple of weeks, so it would be really great to know the decision before that, so I could plan my next step accordingly. Now, I am wondering whether to write to the journal office to ask by what time I may expect to hear the Editor's decision, but at the same time, I am also worried if that would offend the Editor since it has been 18 days only (20th Oct - 08 Nov) since the submission. I would be very grateful, if the experts here can kindly suggest me what to do in this regard?

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I agree, 18 days is too short a time and inquiring about the decision so soon after submission might give the impression that you are being impatient. However, if you explain the urgency of your situation to the editor and request him/her to expedite the process as far as possible, he/she should not be offended. There are cases when PhD students need an early decision on their paper for their graduation, so I think the editor will understand your problem. 

Another way to ensure that you get an early decision would be to ask your supervisor to write to the editor on your behalf. As your supervisor and a senior researcher, if he/she puts in a word on your behalf, the editor might feel obliged to minimize further delays.

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