Q: Can I correct a wrong spelling of the author name after publication?

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I found the spelling of the author name was wrong after the publication of the paper. Is there any way to request its correction?

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Firstly, congrats on your paper getting published! However, we see there’s a little bit of a spoiler to this good news, though not a big one. We assume the error was on the part of the author(s), rather than on the journal’s part. So, this can be done through an erratum. Also, it’s easier to do if it is detected soon after publication, especially if it’s in ‘Early View’ (see below) or only an online publication. For a physical journal, it may take more time, depending on the frequency with which it is published. So, you can write to the editor about this and with the correct name, and they should hopefully fix this soon.

Ideally, this should have been fixed before publication, and identified during the proofing stage, which is meant to spot issues such as this, but we are human. :) Anyway, for the future, you may keep the below resources handy. Again, congrats on the acceptance!

Relevant resources:

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