Q: Can I correct an error I detected after the article was published online?

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I found a mistake in one of the tables/figures in my paper after it was published online. It takes some time for this journal to issue the print edition, so I want to correct my mistake before the print edition is issued. The mistake does not affect the contents, but the graph of the pointed figure was interchanged with the next one. Would the correction be acceptable?

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Generally, it is easier to make corrections in the online version of a paper than in the print version. No further corrections for the print issue are accepted once the author has sent the corrected page proofs. However, it might be possible for the correction to be made in the online version. You can ask if it would be possible to make the correction in the print issue of the journal. In case it is not possible, you should at least be able to publish an erratum or corrigendum to correct the error.