Q: Can I make a second inquiry about my manuscript status?

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The status of my manuscript has been Under Review for two months. So, I made an inquiry about the status. I received a reply stating that the reviewer would respond in about two weeks, but I have not received any response for a month. Given the current situation, should I wait for some more days? Would it be impolite if I make an inquiry again?

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Hello Akira – Welcome to the forum.

No, it wouldn’t be impolite to make another inquiry, or even a few more later in case of a further delay. The journal has provided timelines for the review, and if there is a delay, it’s more than fair to seek an update on the status. What you could add this time though is a compelling reason (probably academic) for seeking an update or even a decision on your manuscript soon. To calm your concerns, here are a few similar previous queries (and our responses to them) that you could go through.

And for help with the mail, you may find this handbook helpful: A practical handbook of templates for communicating with the journal

Now, by “given the current situation,” in case you mean COVID-19 and the impact it has had on work and workflows, by now, most people and organizations have got adjusted to what is called the ‘new normal’ – life and work in a COVID-induced, lockdown-led world of restricted movement (although things are slowly opening up too). Keeping this in mind, at the most, you could wait another week or so before writing to the journal.

Here’s hoping you get to hear from them shortly!