Q: Can I quote the findings and give references without any permission from the author if I want to publish a literature review?

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There are many PhD studies done on intervention programs for childhood obesity in India. However, they are not seen in any published journal but rather on a site meant for the thesis of all universities.

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Your main question and the detailed question seem to talk about two different things. However, what you probably meant was that you wish to refer to some articles from this thesis repository but do not know how you can get permission to cite those articles. If so, please note our responses below.

  • Permission is not needed for making a reference. But citation is necessary. Otherwise, it will be assumed that the piece of information you are referring to is yours, which is not the case. This would be plagiarism, and therefore unethical to do.
  • In any case, this is for a literature review, which is all about referencing other researcher’s articles, and so, you need to cite all the articles you have included in your review.
  • The repository you are referring to is probably Shodhganga. If so, on the home page, just above the About Us section, you will find a section titled How to Cite. For more help, you may click the Citation Help button in the section. You may also need to register on the site. In fact, if you plan to exclusively refer to theses from this site, it might be better to register.

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