Q: Can I raise an objection to the Editor about the additional revisions suggested in the second round of review?

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In the second round of review, I was required to revise several points which were not pointed out in the first round of review. It was obviously possible to point them out in the first round of review. Can I make an objection to the editor regarding this?

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In most cases, the revised submission is sent to the same reviewers who reviewed the manuscript the first time. However, sometimes, the revised paper may be assigned to new reviewers. There can be several reasons for this: the original reviewers might have declined the invitation or the editor might have wanted fresh perspective on the paper. If this is what has happened to your manuscript, there is a possibility that the new reviewers spotted issues that the previous reviewers did not have any problem with. I don't think you can really complain about this to the Editor or object to making these revisions. The purpose of reviewer comments is to improve your manuscript and make it publishable. If you want your paper accepted, it is best that you try to incorporate the reviewer comments as far as possible. 

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