Q: Can I request for an official acceptance letter if the editor has already sent me an email to that effect?

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I received an email yesterday from the editor that my article has been accepted for publication. Moreover, the editor said that I would receive an email from the Publication Assistant for some administrative works (payment and copy editing) on the article.

My university wants an official letter from the journal stating the year and volume in which the manuscript will be published, before I can receive any due recognition. What I'd like to know is if it is possible to request for an official letter of this nature even when the publication process is yet to be completed.

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Firstly, congrats on the acceptance! Now, I understand that based on your university’s criteria, you are looking for an acceptance letter from the journal on the latter’s letterhead, that is, a physical letter of acceptance. Journals do provide a formal letter of acceptance once the publishing process initiates. Perhaps this journal may send this after you have received the administrative mail from the Publishing Assistant and made the payment. However, I understand that this may delay the recognition from your university. You could write to the editor with this request. Although it may not be as per their processes, because it seems genuine, they are likely to consider it and do the needful. In some cases, they might issue an “interim” special letter of acceptance now (only for your case) and a more formal letter later. The only hitch is that it may get delayed due to the impending holiday season, so please send your request at the earliest.

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