Q: Can I submit a review paper loosely based on my own accepted short communications article?

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I submitted an original paper, and it was accepted as a short version on the editor’s suggestion. So now, it will be published as a report, short communications, or letter to the editor and will include only the basic idea. The contents that I wanted to report originally must accordingly be largely compressed. Now, I am writing a review report for the contents that were not included in the letter (the short version). Of course, I will cite the letter. Would this be acceptable? I am careful to not use similar text to avoid self-plagiarism.

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You seem to have the right idea of how to go about doing this. So, apart from citing the letter, check for and obtain the permissions from the editors of both publications to avoid. This would safeguard you against any suspicions of duplicate submission. You may also want to refer to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) guidelines for overlapping publications here.

Just one point to note: since the shorter article has not yet been published, you will need to use the words "Accepted for publication" when citing it. Please check the citation style for accepted articles on the website of the target journal where you plan to publish the review report.

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