Q: Can I submit my paper to the same journal if the first decision is rejection?

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My paper has been rejected by editor with the comments of two reviewers. I would like to know that if I revise my paper according to the reviewers' comments, can I submit again to that journal as a new submission?

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It is possible to submit your revised paper to the same journal as a new submission. However, you must first try to understand whether the journal is likely to accept your paper once the revisions are made. Generally speaking, if journals are really interested in a paper, they would generally invite the author to resubmit the paper as a new submission, even if the first decision is a rejection. You should go through your rejection letter carefully. If you think that the editor has encouraged you to submit the paper once again after revising it, you can go ahead and submit it as a new submission. However, if there is no such invitation or encouragement from the editor, you should think twice before you submit to the same journal once again. If the editor has not expressed any interest in your paper, submitting the revised version might be a waste of time, and the paper could be rejected again. It might be better, in that case, to make the revisions and submit the paper to another journal.

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