Q: What is the time taken for the re-review process once we submit a revised manuscript?

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Recently, I have received a major revision decision for my paper. Out of the four reviewers, the first suggested minor revision with no further re-review, the second reviewer wanted to see the manuscript in revised form, the third rejected it, and the fourth suggested publication (though he also suggested us to try for a higher impact journal). The editor stated that the reviewers find the work of potential interest to the journal and he asked to answer their concerns asked for a revision (major). We have submitted our revised manuscript recently. How long will it generally take for the re-review? Will there be any additional review? that is new reviewer`s apart from the original ones?

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Usually, for major revisions, the revised manuscript is sent for another round of peer review. In most cases, the editor sends the manuscript to the same set of reviewers. This is logically the best thing to do as the reviewers are already familiar with your manuscript and will therefore take a shorter time to review. However, the editor might not choose to send it to all the four reviewers this time: he might send the manuscript only to those reviewers who had suggested major changes.

In case one or more of the previous reviewers are not available or if the editor feels that he wants a fresh perspective, he might also choose to send it to a new reviewer.