Q: Can publishing in a hybrid open choice journal be free for authors?

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Firstly, by ‘open choice,’ I understand you mean ‘open access’ (OA). Also, as you mentioned ‘hybrid,’ the journal you plan to submit to must have a mix of open (free-to-access for other researchers) and paywalled (paid) content. I trust there must be a reason (or reasons) you wish to submit to this journal, instead of a pure OA one, but we shan’t get into that here.

Coming to your query, many journals offer discounts or waivers on article processing charges (APCs) to authors from low- or low-to-middle-income countries. This information is usually provided on their site, through a relevant section, as you can find on the Wiley site here and the Taylor and Francis (T&F) site here. So, you can look up your target journal’s site for these details. In case it’s not provided (or not easy to locate), you may write to the editor through a presubmission inquiry.

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Good luck with the discount/waiver and the submission!