Q: How do I write to the journal asking for a discount on the APC?

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I plan to submit a mansuscript to a scientific journal. I need to ask the journal to give me a discount on APC while submission. Can you give me an example of how to ask for such a discount?

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If you wish to apply for an APC waiver or discount, you should send an email to the journal prior to submission explaining the reason for requesting a waiver. However, make sure you read through your journal's author guidelines to understand their policy on APC waivers before writing your email. Some journals grant waivers to researchers from developing countries. This is usually mentioned in the guidelines. You also need to check if they have any other specific requirements for providing discounts on APCs.

Your email to the editor should include the following details:

  • Your manuscript title and id
  • Names and affiliations of the corresponding author and co-authors
  • An explanation of why you need the discount or are unable to pay the APC

This handbook on Templates for communicating with the journal includes a template that you can use for writing your APC waiver request.

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