Q: Can someone who is not a co-author help me revise my paper?

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I am a non-native speaker of English and this is my first article. My manuscript has been conditionally accepted, with a request for major revisions. Most of the revisions suggested are language issues. Can I take the help of someone who is not a co-author, but can help me improve the language of my paper?

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It is absolutely fine to take help with language editing when you are revising your paper. In fact, most journals encourage this as it helps in improving the quality of the paper and enables readers to understand the content clearly. Many non-native authors take the help of professional editing services to edit their manuscripts. Editage also provides professional editing services to authors. 

Having said that, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind when taking help from someone who is not a co-author. Ensure that the person you are taking help from does not directly contribute to writing your paper. He/she can only edit the paper, provide suggestions, and guide you on how to write it or how to address reviewer comments. In this case, you should include his/her name in the acknowledgments section, mentioning the kind of help you received.