Q: What is the background to the study when writing a research paper?

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Can you please help me by explaining what is the background to the study when writing a research paper?

I'm writing a research paper on "Expressing the desire to have a clearer understanding of a situation under federalism of the grade 11 studies." This study aims to understand further the various circumstances of the grade 11 students in the Philippines. This study would delve into scenarios that would depict clearer pictures of the plight of the grade 11 students.

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The background is part of the Introduction section of a research paper and should include essential information for setting up your study goals and hypothesis. It should cover the knowledge in the field and identify gaps in current literature. This will allow your research study to be placed in context and will adequately highlight the novelty and significance of the study.

Since your study wants to highlight the problems faced by grade 11 students in the Phillipines under the federal government, your study background could be a general introduction to what the education system is like in Phillippines under the federal structure. You could cite existing literature that deals with federalism and its challenges to education. From there, you could gradually narrow down the discussion to the problems faced specifically by grade 11 students under this system. However, note that this is just an example and there can be various other ways of approaching the topic. 

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