Q: Can you tell me if the title of my research paper is good?

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"Occupational Health Risk Assessment of cardiometabolic Profile among Construction Workers in Enugu Nigeria" - This is the title of my paper. Do you think it is good? 

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It would be tough to say whether this title is appropriate without going through your entire paper and understanding what it is about. The title you mentioned seems concise, but here is what I can suggest:

  • Preferably, write the title at the end, once you have completed writing your manuscript.
  • Ensure that the title contains keywords and also mentions what technique or study design was used. 
  • Make sure that the title clearly indicates what your research is about.
  • Keep it brief, informative, and attractive.
  • Avoid using jargon as it might make the title too complicated and difficult to understand.
  • Proof read it so that there are no grammatical errors or typos. 

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I hope you find this answer useful. 

Sneha Kulkarni
Managing Editor
Editage Insights