Catch up with us at these upcoming academic conferences!

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Catch up with us at these upcoming academic conferences!

It’s that time of the year when most academics and scholarly publishing professionals are preparing to attend conferences, and we’re no exception! Editage and Editage Insights (Editage’s author resource platform with an independent editorial team) attended the 2017 annual meeting of the Council of Science Editors in San Diego, USA; the 39th annual meeting of Society for Scholarly Publishing in Boston, USA; and 2nd Annual Asian-Pacific conference by the International Society of Managing & Technical Editors (ISMTE) this year.

Apart from connecting with the members of the industry in these conferences, we also presented the primary results of the large survey we conducted with authors around the world to understand their views on various aspects of academic publication. The survey has that received more than 5000 responses so far rendered extremely interesting results, which were widely discussed at these conferences. 

To share the survey results further with the industry, Editage and Editage Insights will present at these upcoming international conferences:

  • 4th Annual Conference of the Asian Council of Science Editors (ACSE) in Dubai, on August 13-14

Presenter: Kakoli Majumder, Senior Writer & Editor, Editage Insights

  • CASE Europe Annual Conference 2017 (Council for Advancement and Support of Education Europe Annual Conference) in Birmingham, UK from August 28 to September 1

Presenter: Basil D'souza, Vice President, Publisher and Academia Relations, Editage

  • 10th Annual North American Conference (ISMTE) in Denver, Colorado, on August 10-11, 2017

Presenter: Donald Samulack, President, US Operations, Editage

Additionally, to enable journal editors from East Asia to attend the 10th Annual North American and European conferences of ISMTE, Editage has announced travel grants. The main intent is to facilitate an open dialogue between editors in the East and the West. To know more and apply for the grants, please visit this post.

If you are attending any of these conferences, do not miss the presentations by Kakoli, Donald, and Basil. Do come and say hello to the presenters! We would love to meet you. 

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Published on: Jul 07, 2017


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