Q: Do I need to provide the names of preferred reviewers to the editor?

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I was told by a journal that I can choose up to four preferred reviewers. Do I get any advantage if I give the names of preferred reviewers? Also, should I contact these potential reviewers by email separately to inform them that I have given their names?

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Suggesting preferred reviewers generally works in your favor. Journals editors often find it difficult to identify reviewers for a paper. Moreover, busy researchers often turn down the invitation to review papers. This can lead to delays in the journal review process. Providing a list of suggested or preferred reviewers will definitely quicken the process. However, it is not necessary that the editor would contact the reviewers you have suggested. He/she may contact some of them or not select them at all and assign reviewers of his/her choice. If you give the names of preferred reviewers, you should not contact these people separately. The journal will send out review invitations to them if they find these reviewers suitable.