Q: Do you have Scopus/Web of science indexed journals?

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I want to publish a paper in a Scopus/Web of science indexed journal.

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Editage Insights is not a publisher. It is a resource platform for authors. I understand that you wish to publish in a Scopus or ISI indexed journal. For this, you need to identify a few target journals that are indexed in Scopus or ISI(Web of Science).

To find journals indexed in the ISI Web of Science or Scopus, you can go to the journal list of each database and search by subject area. You should be able to narrow down the search based on your research topic. You can then go to the website of each of the shortlisted journals and check the review and publication time. This will help you come up with a final list of 4-5 target journals. You can submit your paper to one of these and wait for the decision. If your paper is rejected, you can submit it to the next journal. A word of caution: do not submit to more than one journal at a time as this will be regarded as duplicate submission.

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