Webinar: Getting your research published and making it visible: Challenges and tips

Getting your research published and making it visible: Challenges and tips

Want some great advice on how to get published and make your work more visible? Register for the Editage webinar where Nitasha Devasar of Taylor & Francis will talk about the challenges researchers face in their journey to publication and provide you with invaluable tips on how to tackle these challenges and get published successfully!

What are the key issues faced by researchers and authors in their publishing journey? What is the information and safeguards required to progress in this regard? Does the journey end at publication or is that, in fact, the start of the process? What can authors do to help themselves? How can the research ecosystem support them? What is the role of publishers? How is technology impacting the writing, publication and amplification of research?


This webinar deals with the questions that vex authors and publishers alike. It does so simply and directly, using illustrations and examples from inside the research and publishing universe.


Nitasha Devasar, is Managing Director, Taylor & Francis, India and South Asia. She has 25 years of experience in academic publishing and a keen understanding of the dynamic South Asian academic publishing marketplace.

Nitasha is currently President of the Association of Publishers in India, and is the first woman to hold this position. She is a member of the FICCI Publishing Committee and Adviser with the Women Leadership Forum of Asia. She is also part of the Taylor & Francis Group Women Leadership Program and was lauded as Channel News Asia's Women of Substance in Asia in 2017.

Nitasha is on the Editorial Board of Logos, a Brill journal on publishing. Her edited book on Indian publishing Publishers on Publishing: Inside India's Book Business, was published in 2018. She occasionally writes for The Hindu and blogs on LinkedIn. 


Jayashree Rajagopalan – Manager, Global Community Engagement, Editage Insights

Jayashree aims to build a strong understanding of the relationships among all stakeholders in scholarly publishing to help build well-integrated closely-knit communities in this space. In her current role, she has a lot of interesting conversations with researchers and publication professionals globally. Given her passion for scholarly publishing and for helping researchers achieve their publication goals, she is always curious to learn more about how researchers navigate each step of their journey. She also writes and reviews content on Editage Insights and has created content in alternative formats, e.g., infographics, slide decks, videos. In her previous role as an academic editor at Editage, she gained a first-hand understanding of the publication needs of and challenges faced by authors. Jayashree holds a Master’s Degree in Children’s Literature and a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communications. Outside work, she is an animal lover, an avid but indecisive reader, and an ardent movie enthusiast.